Meet Ourofficers

Our team of proficient Pranaam Officers is dedicated to make your journey through CSIA a delightful experience. Right from the time you arrive at the airport till you set off to your destination, Pranaam officers ensure that your needs are met with care and efficiency.

Jumi Saikia

Originally from Guwahati, Jumi is a true Mumbaikar at heart. Having worked with Pranaam for over 2 years, she is a figure everyone looks up to. A former employee of Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels, she is always perfectly put together, with a smile on her face, whether it's 2 pm or 2 am. Being an avid traveller herself, Jumi loves meeting people from around the globe. Memorable moments from her career include assisting mothers travelling with infants and senior citizens, ensuring that their journeys were comfortable and hassle free.

Kaustubh Harishankar Mishra

A creative thinker, Kaustubh navigates complex situations with ease. He has worked with companies like Sahara, Kingfisher, and World Wide Visa. He truly believes in the saying 'Learning never stops', a creed he lives by. One of Kaustubh's favourite experiences at Pranaam includes the time he accompanied a guest from Sri Lanka around the airport, facilitating an exchange of culture.

Kritika Fernandes

Kritika’s love for animals has come in handy while working at Pranaam, when she assisted a couple travelling with 5 pets (including 2 stray dogs)! An efficient worker, she always aims to deliver service perfectly, and on time. Kritika loves learning about different cultures from the travelers she gets to meet.

Milton Fernandes

A travel veteran, Milton has worked with Jet Airways, Carnival Cruise, and JLL. He is a true team player and can always be counted upon to save the day. Milton loves to meet new people and learn about their culture. He is trying to make the world a happier place, spreading smiles wherever he goes. A sports and travel enthusiast, Milton aims to leave every customer with a happy travel memory.

Neha Gill

Neha has been a part of Pranaam for almost 3 years. A quick learner, she has the ability to adapt and improvise to any situation. Having worked for Airtel, IBM, and Bank of America in the past, she has an intuitive understanding of a customer’s needs. Her favourite memory? Helping a senior citizen during his first ever flight, ensuring that it was comfortable, seamless, and hassle-free.

Pooja Gianchandani

Pooja has been a part of the Pranaam family for over 2 years. She believes in treating all customers equally and greets everyone with a smile. When she isn’t taking care of customers, she enjoys spending time with her little son, or traveling to new and undiscovered places. As a Real Madrid fan, Pooja will never forget the day she met Zinedine Zidane, when he utilised Pranaam’s service.