Pranaam GVK Guest Services

1 - How will I identify the Pranaam Officer?
Our Pranaam Officer will be holding an iPad placard with your name as mentioned by you at the time of reservation.
2 - What are the facilities available in Pranaam lounge?
For details on the facilities available at Pranaam Lounge, please click here
3 - Is there a showering facility in the Pranaam lounge?
Showering facility is not available in Pranaam Lounge.
4 - Does Pranaam Lounge have a smoking area?
There are dedicated smoking rooms available across the terminal. Our Pranaam Officer will guide you to the nearest smoking room.
5 - Would you assist us in Hotel Reservation / Car Rentals?
Our Pranaam Officer will guide you to the Hotel Reservation / Car Rental Counters on arrival at CSIA..
6 - How do I cancel the booked service and are there any cancellation charges applicable?
You may cancel your reservations online. For details please visit our Terms & Conditions section.
7 - Do you have a lounge facility for arriving passengers?
No, we do not have lounge in the arrival area.
8 - Do you provide a wheelchair / baby stroller?
Yes To enable us to provide wheelchair/baby stroller(subject to availability), please notify us with your requirement atleast 24 hours in advance via e-mail or contact us on +91 8879992399.
9 - Can I book these services for my children?
Yes, you can book Pranaam Services for your children. However, children aged upto 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult.
10 - Is the booking transferable?
The booking for Pranaam Services is not transferable.